LOCCA サマーイベント詳細 その①
Summer event info.①



Shiso Mojito


Grapefruit Cocktail




We’ll offer two kinds of cocktails on the summer special event in July.
Actually, I like the taste but alcohol doesn’t agree with me. So I asked my alcohol sensei to make original recipe, which is easy to make and best for hot summer. I had a taste on the other day, and they were so good!!
One is “Shiso mojito” (see photo on the above). Usually, a lot of mint using in mojito but this original mojito using “aoshiso”. It’s a traditional Japanese herb called a green perilla sometimes. Shiso good for anemia with rich in iron. They have a bacteriostatic action and a calming effect, too. Also they make your stomach strong. What a wonderful herb it is! Of course, the taste is so good.
And we’ll also teach you a fresh grapefruit cocktail. Not too sweet and refreshing drink in hot summer. Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, a vitamin that helps to support the immune system. They have antidotal effect, relieving effect, etc.
Both recipes can also make without an alcohol. Good for me and good for your children 😀
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